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India Financial Market promotes the savings of the economy, providing an effective channel for transmitting the financial policies. It is a well-developed, competitive, efficient and integrated financial sector. There are large number of buyers and sellers of the financial product, the prices are fixed by the market forces of demand and supply within the Indian Financial Market. The other markets of the economy assist the functioning of the financial market in India.

The Financial Market in India focuses on these features:

Real-time India Financial Indices – BSE 30 Index, Sector Indexes, Stock Quotes, Sensex Charts, Bond prices, Foreign Exchange, Rupee&Dollar Chart

Indian Financial Market news

Stock News – Bombay Stock Exchange, BSE Sensex 30 closing index, S&P CNX-Nifty NSE, stock quotes, company information, issues on market capitalization, corporate earning statements, Indian Business Directory

Fixed Income – Corporate Bond Prices, Corporate Debt details, Debt trading activities, Interest Rates,

Money Market, Government Securities, Public Sector Debt, External Debt Service

Foreign Investment – Foreign Debt Database composed by BIS, IMF, OECD,& World Bank, Investments in

India & Abroad

Global Equity Indexes – Dow Jones Global indexes, Morgan Stanley Equity Indexes

Currency Indexes – FX & Gold Chart Plotter, J. P. Morgan Currency Indexes

National and Global Market Relations

Mutual Funds



Forex and Bullion

A clear insight with information on the Indian Financial Market will thus be the most useful tip for the investors and the marketers of both India and the foreign countries.

Organized financial markets have existed in India for more than a century. Today, markets of varying maturity exist in equity, debt, commodities and foreign exchange.

There are 25 stock markets all over the country, the most important of which, are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The rupee has been convertible on the current account since 1992.

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