Apple files patent application for user voice recognition

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30-Aug-2011 | 10:30 IST | Edited by: Jasvinder Kaur

Apple has filed a patent application for technology that can help the screen of the phones get rid of fingerprints. This new technology is going to get a big up gradation in the next major version of Apple's iOS.

Apple is the company coupled with the word "new"- new categories of consumer technology, new models and new ideas. With introduction of iPod music player it established itself as a leader in industry. The latest era of success has been with iOS (Apple) range of products that began with iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad. And now the company has filed a patent request for a technology that can keep the screen of our mobile phones free of fingerprints. In fact the technology is such that neither you need to touch the display of your phones for making calls or for any other application nor is it required for you to wash your hands before touching the screen.

Apple Voice RecognitionThis application as Apple calls it is "User Profiling for Voice Input Processing". This application can identify your voice and execute your instructions accordingly, be it from making a playlist to calling a contact or searching for something. In April 2010, Apple bought "Siri"a small company that created an app that let users operates their iPhone with voice commands. Apple will be using this app in its upcoming iOS 5. This technology uses a mix of natural language processing, semantic Web search, and speech identification to convert voice queries into Web search-based tasks.

Apple's competitors - Google and Microsoft, are also making use of its voice processing technologies. Microsoft uses these services in Windows 7 Phone OS and Google has integrated it to its Android platform. Nothing has been said on whether such an upgrade will filter down to older iOS devices, only iOS 3GS owners could make use of it since Apple has made use of voice commands since iPhone 3GS which was the first device to get voice control.

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