Apple accused of "iPad" trademark infringement

Category: WTO Sub-category: Intellectual Property
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Apple has been accused of copyright infringement by Proview Technology Co Ltd, a Shenzhen based company, which is claiming that it had registered the iPad trademark as early as in January 2000 and it reserves the exclusive right to use the name "iPad" in its product. The firm is believed to still hold rights to the product name inside of China. Apple only launched its own iPad in the country on September 17th, several months after an American introduction.

The US tech giant has been accused by the lesser-known computer screen maker and the shareholders of Proview are demanding Apple to stop using the name "iPad" in its products since, according to them, it is a clear case of copyright infringement.

US IT companies are finding it increasing difficult to continue with their operations in China. After Google having caught the Chinese authorities on the wrong foot, now it's Apple which has been accused of copyright infringement. The lesser-known Chinese computer screen maker is demanding a whopping $800 million for the transfer of the trademark. Apple has no option but to settle the issue outside the court premises; however, the tech giant is not willing to shell out that amount of money.