Registration details


  1. What is the methodology and duration of the course?
    The methodology is e-learning, and  duration of the course 3 months

  2. What is the evaluation process?
    The evaluation will be done after the course is completed i.e. 3 months, through an online  MCQ test.

  3. What is the fees, and how it is paid?
    The fees is Rs. 7500, and it can be paid through a demand draft in the name of "Institute of International Trade" payable at Kolkata. However, payment through netbanking is also available. Further information available on request.

  4. Is the course materials available in hard copy?
    Yes, the study material is available in a hard copy upon an additional payment of INR 2000 plus shipping charges as per actuals.

  5. When are you starting with your next batch?
    Since this is an online course, enrollments can be done though out the year. Once the enrollment is complete, we provide the student with an user id and password to begin the course in our website. Generally it takes 3-5 days of time to start the course after receiving the application and fees.

  6. Is the course certified or approved by a regulatory body?
    No. This is an autonomous course, and the Institute provides a certificate after successfully completing the course. However, some of the participants have got jobs after completing this course.

  7. Is there a forum or a support center for students to clarify their doubts or resolve their queries related to the course?
    Yes, there is a support center for the students which is administered by the faculty. The students can post their questions or queries or they can also mail or call us for any assistance. We will try to resolve their question or queries as soon as possible (generally between within 24 hours).

Online courses are offered on a single user basis. After registration, students shall not share the user id and password with anybody, else their registration shall be cancelled.