Ceará shrimps acquires the certificate of origin from INPI

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11-August-2011 | 16:20 IST | Edited by: Suman Chatterjee

Ceara shrimpsThe National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has awarded the tag of Denomination of Origin (DO) to the shrimps from Ceará, which will ultimately lead to preserve the originality and quality of the product in the domestic and foreign markets. This would act as a major block to forgery. Moreover, it will have positive effects on the market competence of the Ceará shrimp sellers, leading to entry in newer markets, especially the food industry.

In order to get the geographical indication recognition, the Costa Negra farms had to ameliorate the environmental conditions of the production methodologies to meet the required standards of INPI for the seal.

In accord to the Institute, the shrimp is to be cultivated in artificial ponds of around 900 hectares, distributed in the regions of Acaraύ, Cruz and Itarema. Stats prove that these areas collectively produce around 7090 tonnes of shrimp, 50% of which is consumed in Brazil with the rest being exported to Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and such. In this region of Brazil, around 33 shrimp producers employ over 2000 workers directly. According to statistics from the Development Agency of the State of Ceará (Adece), Ceará ranks second to Rio Grande do Norte in shrimp production.

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