Bhutan to produce hydropower for India

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Bhutan government's Consul General Dasho Tsering Wangda said that Bhutan is going to produce 10,000 Mw of hydropower for India by 2020 under a joint venture.

India decided to provide Rs 35,000 crore for the venture. "On India's request we will provide power annually from this project, which will be on a 70% loan and 30% grant," he declared.

"The loan will be repayable in 12 years, while the entire technical support will be provided by India", Wangda said.

Whereas the envoy has rejected the oft-repeated charge that release excess water from dams in Bhutan constructed over the rivers that is flowing thorugh Assam causing flash floods, mainly in lower Assam during the rainy season.

"This is totally false as our power projects do not displace people. Sometimes for a couple of days when there is heavy downpour there is automatic flow of water downstream," he said.

Source: Business Standard