Audi fails to obtain "TDI" trademark

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11-Jul-2011 | 19:00 IST | Edited by: Vishal Bagaria

The European Union court in Luxembourg has rejected the trademark application by Audi related to the letters ‘TDI' because the court has found that the term isnot exclusive and that it was a commonly used abbreviation. The "TDI" trademark is placed on various models of the Audi and Volkswagen line-ups.

According to the judges, the word "TDI" is a common phrase in the automotive world and is used by many other companies and individuals. The "TDI" stands for ‘turbo diesel injection' and ‘turbo direct injection'. Even though, the trademark is not being used by any other company for their engines, or trim levels, the Audi- Volkswagen cannot be the owner of the letters because of common abbreviation. The European Union law doesn't allow any company to use trademark of those words which are use as a common abbreviation.

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